Journey of Passion and Growth

Soccer-Tennis USA has evolved from a pioneer sport in Las Vegas to hosting national and international tournaments. With four years of inspiring growth, we blend innovation, inclusivity, and sportsmanship, nurturing a community passionate about soccer tennis. Our journey reflects dedication and a vision to globalize this exhilarating sport.

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Core Aspirations Unveiled

Diving into the essence of Soccer Tennis USA, we explore our foundational aspirations and future-oriented goals.


To inspire and enable players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the fast-paced and exciting game of soccer tennis, fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and healthy competition




To be recognized for excellence in our services, innovation in the development of the sport and contribution to the growth and popularization of football tennis at a local and national level.

Our Founders

Meet the Flores Brothers, the visionary founders of Soccer Tennis USA. Ivan and Aldo "Chino" Flores started their journey with a shared passion for soccer and inventive minds, leading to the birth of Soccer Tennis during the backyard games of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their combined leadership has transformed a simple, innovative idea into an international sensation, bridging communities and cultures through sport. The brothers' dedication to this unique blend of soccer and tennis is not just about the game; it's about building a community, fostering sportsmanship, and creating an inclusive environment for all. Their commitment to excellence and innovation continues to propel Soccer Tennis USA to new heights, making it more than just a company, but a symbol of unity and joy in sports.

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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we address your queries about Soccer Tennis USA, offering insights into this exciting sport and our community.

Soccer Tennis is a sport played with a football. The sport is played indoors or outdoors on a court divided by a low net with two opposing teams made up of one, two or three players, who try to score a point by hitting the ball with any part of their body except for the hands and making it bounce in the opponent's area in a way that makes it difficult or impossible for the other team to return it over the net.

Soccer Tennis USA began with backyard tournaments during the COVID-19 pandemic and has grown to participate in international championships, fostering the sport's growth and popularity.

There are three futnet disciplines:

Single: one player, two touches, one bounce in all categories, court dimensions 9 m × 12.8 m.

Double: two players, three touches (but not two consecutive touches by the same player), one bounce allowed for men and two bounces for women and juniors, court dimensions 9 m × 12.8 m.

Triple: three players, three touches (but not two consecutive touches by the same player), one bounce allowed for men and two for women and juniors, court dimensions 9 m × 18 m.

In all the disciplines, a set finishes once a side gains 11 points with a two-point difference between the sides; the maximum score is 15:14. To win a match, a team has to win 2 sets. The height of the net is 1.10 m. The players may not touch the net during the game; otherwise, it is a point for the opponent. The futnet ball is similar to a football in size, but is glued, made of 32 panels of synthetic (natural) leather, and when properly inflated should bounce more than half a meter.

If the ball hits the net and comes back to the side of the team that attempted to hit it over, it cannot be hit back, unlike in volleyball.

The primary equipment needed is a soccer ball, a net (similar to a tennis or volleyball net), and a court. Soccer Tennis USA also offers specialized nets for purchase.

Yes, Soccer Tennis can be played on various surfaces including grass, sand, and indoor courts.

Absolutely! Soccer Tennis is a family-friendly sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to adults.

Yes, Soccer Tennis USA offers training sessions and coaching for individuals and groups interested in improving their skills.

You can get involved by participating in our local tournaments, purchasing our equipment, or joining our training sessions. Follow us on Instagram for updates and event information.

You can purchase Soccer Tennis nets and other related equipment directly from our website. Our products are designed to meet official Soccer Tennis standards.

Yes, Soccer Tennis USA organizes and participates in various local and international tournaments. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for upcoming events.

Soccer Tennis USA is unique due to its pioneering role in popularizing soccer tennis, a sport that combines the skills of soccer with the strategy of tennis. We have a unique approach to organizing international tournaments and providing specialized training, which sets us apart in the sports industry.

Yes, playing Soccer Tennis can significantly enhance various soccer skills, including ball control, coordination, agility, and teamwork. It's an excellent way for soccer players to refine their techniques in a fun and competitive setting.

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